SLAMD - Sequential Learning App for Materials Discovery

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Leverage the Digital Lab and AI Optimization to discover exciting new concrete recipes

> Represent resources and processes and their socio-economic impact.
> Calculate complex formulations and enrich them with detailed material knowledge.
> Integrate laboratory data and apply it to novel formulations.
> Tailor concretes to the purpose to achieve the optimal solution.


Digital Lab
base materials

From base materials to manufacturing processes – “Base” enables a detailed and consistent description of existing resources – including key socio-economic metrics.

blended materials

The combination of base materials and processes offers an almost infinite optimization potential. “Blending“ makes it easier to design complex configurations.


Effortlessly convert your resources into the entire spectrum of possible concrete and binder formulations. This automatically generates a detailed set of data for AI optimization.

AI Optimization

Integrate data from the “Digital Lab” or upload your own material data. Enrich the data with lab results and adopt the knowledge to new recipes via artificial intelligence. Leverage socio-economic metrics to identify recipes tailored to your requirements.


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